Is it true that there are bacteria in our water?

So often we hear of friends and family telling us that the tap water in our home contains bacteria, that the drinking water can be unsafe and we often wonder how true this statement actually is.

Yes, there is bacteria in the water we drink. And most of the bacteria are completely harmless which is great to know. Although, bacteria commonly found in our drinking water can create certain conditions which enable other potentially harmful bacteria to thrive.

Isn’t the water we drink filtered before we drink it out the tap?

When the water is pumped through to our homes, it will have gone through a number of filtration and disinfection steps. But through this process, most of the bacteria is filtered out but unfortunately not all of it as this is just not possible.

So yes, there is still living bacteria in your water that you consume.

How does the bacteria become harmful?

Biofilms can form on all water pipes which is totally normal and this bacterium is usually not harmful.  The problem that develops is that biofilms can also be a safe place for harmful bacteria such as Escherichia coli or Legionella to hide and develop.

I f the bacterial growth is too heavy, it can break off into the water flow, which can make your water discoloured and murky or even taste unpleasant and at worst can release more dangerous bacteria.

How do I ensure that the water I drink is safe?

Ensuring your drinking water is clear of any harmful bacteria is important as it has the potential to cause health threats.

At Waterways , we provide sophisticated and targeted methods of ensuring your drinking water remains safe to drink and reducing the need for chemical treatments.

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