We’ve always been told from a young age that drinking water is essential to our health as it keeps us hydrated. This is important because every cell in our body requires water so that we can function.

To get the new year off to a healthy start, here are some top tips to staying hydrated and making water an essential part of maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle in the future.

  • Set a timer on your phone to remind you as you pretty much have your phone with your 24/7 or download an app such as Water Logged .  This apps will help you to keep track of how much water you have had during the day. It will even send you reminders to keep drinking water or you get a water bottle and mark it with time-oriented goals so that you can remember to drink water regularly throughout the day
  • Be creative with the water you drink, make drinking your water enticing.  Add some lemon, cucumber, or fruit such as strawberries, blueberries, cut up orange etc. to add some delicious flavor
  • Keep water with you and drink it before you are thirsty. Experts often say that we confuse hunger with thirst
  • Consider drinking a full glass of water for every caffeinated or alcoholic beverage consumed. This will help you to reach the required 4 – 6 glasses of water per day
  • Consume foods and beverages that are high in water such as watermelon, grapes etc.
  • Consuming spicy food more often will naturally make you want to drink more water
  • As we spend quite a bit of time in the car, keep a bottle of water with you so that you always have water with you when you are out and about

Setting a new years resolution to drink more clean, sweet tasting water is an important part of maintaining a healthier lifestyle – drinking water is the best advice to living a healthier life. It is also important to know that the water consumed must be filtered. Why?

The water you drink – did you know?

You would think that we naturally consume clean filtered water all day, every day. Unfortunately, this is not the case and the reason Waterways have developed a CC1 Quad Action filtration system . This system has been specifically designed to provide you with a constant source of clean, sweet tasting water.

Why is it important to consume clean water?  The increase of pollutants which are finding their way into our water supply, resulting in our water being filled with a high percentage of water toxins.

Not only is it important that you drink water, it is also essential that you and your family drink clean filtered water.

Let proper hydration and drinking more clean, filtered water every day be your first New Year’s Resolution for 2017.

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