Waterways SM3 Mixed Bed Filter

Mixed bed filters are used for sediment removal over a wide range of flow rates. Due to a much larger surface area and the ability to be backwashed the dirt holding/handling capability of a mixed bed filter is far superior to cartridges. The beds can be made up of different filtering sands and filtration media.


Type Manual Mixed Bed Filter
Description Self standing pressure vessel (blue) with top mounted valve
Media Tank 16” (41cm) x 65” (165cm)
wound fibreglass pressure vessel
Media 125kg of mixed media. Sand, anthracite and gravels
Control Valve Fleck 2510 manual valve
Fast backwash and rapid rinse Lever operation
Flow Rate - Continuous 50 litres per minute
Flow Rate - Peak 60 litres per minute
Maximum Pressure 600 kpa (85psi)
Minimum Pressure 175 kpa (25psi)
Inlet / Outlet Pipe 3/4” (20mm)
Drain Pipe 1/2” (12mm)
Flow Control Size Fleck # 700
Note: Product specifications are a guide only and can change without notice.

Specification Sheet

Waterways Mixed Bed Filter – SM3

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